10 Books Every Personal Trainer Should Read

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Every professional personal trainer knows that bringing the best out of somebody takes more than just some work out instructions. Here’s a list of 10 books that will help, guide, and educate personal trainers to become better within the fitness industry.

1.ACSM’s Resource for the Personal Trainer

A comprehensive book that sets you up for a successful profession of personal training. From the biomechanical principles of training to counselling techniques, this is a must-have for personal trainers.

2. Never Let Go (Dan John)

Dan simplifies the most complicated ideas of high performance athletics and strength training in a motivating and thought-provoking style.

3. Ignite The Fire (Jonathan Goodman)

Get and retain more personal training clients through high-integrity techniques and strategies. Jonathan gives an insight on handling and inspiring passion in all clients, however difficult or new to fitness they are.

4. The Max Muscle Plan (Dr. Brad Schoenfield)

A paramount tool that educates on muscle science. This book touches on exercises, adaptation of muscles to training, and the role of nutrition and cardio in muscle-building efforts.

5. Maximum Strength (Eric Cressey)

Getting bigger isn’t as important as getting stronger. Maximum Strength equips you with the knowledge to help your clients achieve the fittest and most energetic body within a short time.

6. Sports Nutrition Guidebook (Nancy Clark)

An instructor guide to healthy eating with 70 recipes for tasty foods. Nancy Clark talks of overcoming food obsessions and losing unwanted body fat while sustaining energy for exercise.

7. Thinking Fast and Slow (Daniel Kahnemen)

 Personal trainers are able to shape clients’ judgements and decisions by tapping into the two systems that drive our thinking; fast and slow thinking.

8. How to Win Friends and Influence People (Dale Carnegie)

Dale Carnegie equips you with know-how to win new customers and clients quickly and easily. By keeping your human contacts soft and pleasant, you are prepared to handle complaints and avoid unnecessary arguments.

9. Rich Dad Poor Dad (Robert Kiyosaki)

Personal training is a business. Rich Dad Poor Dad emphasizes on the need to have skills in as many areas as possible; management, sales & marketing, communication, etc. It’s a financially educating tool you can’t afford to miss in your collection.

10. Tipping Point (Malcolm Gladwell)

Get insights into consumer psychology through this business book. Filled with relevant concepts that can be applied in different business situations, readers are made aware of how they can widely spread their ideas by applying the principles of viral marketing.

Set yourself up for a successful career in fitness with these 10 books. You just might be one of the most sought-after personal trainers of this time!