10 Healthy Burgers You Should Try in 2018

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A Burger is one of the most favourable food that nobody dislikes. Everyone wants to have a bite every now and then (whether one is health conscious or otherwise). However, health conscious people are also aware of the fact that a typical burger is not a healthy option. 

Excess consumption of burgers can cause multiple health issues including obesity and heart diseases (owing to typical unhealthy ingredients they contain). People who follow a strict and healthy routine wait for the cheat day to fulfil all their unhealthy cravings for a typical burger. 

What if we provide a solution to this problem with some of the best and healthy burger recipes? Perhaps, now you don’t have to wait for the cheat day to have a munch on your favourite burger. Here are 10 of the healthy burger recipes. Enjoy healthy burgers.

  1. Sun dried tomato chickpea burger

Get some healthy burger buns that are loaded with huge amounts of wheat grains. These buns are central to all our healthy burger recipes. Load the chickpea burger with avocados, sprout and some kale (or any other topping you like). It is guaranteed to taste great and handle your hunger pangs as well.

  1. Black bean vegetarian burger

Interestingly, you can have this black bean burger even without the bun. Get creative with the healthy topping of your choice, but we recommend you not to miss out the healthy fluffy bun.

  1. Vegan burger

It is one of the best healthy burger recipes. You can add as many vegetables as you like (raw or cooked), to your vegan burger. Add some crispy fried onions to enhance the taste.

  1. Turkey burger with tzatziki sauce and greek salad 

Greek food is so yum (as well as very healthy). Opt for turkey burgers instead of chicken burgers (as turkey is a much healthier option than chicken). Enjoy it with homemade tzatziki sauce and Greek salad.

  1. Quinoa swiss patties with avocado tahini dip

Sounds interesting? No need to add bun in this creative healthy burger recipe (because your carbohydrates are already filled in the amazing ingredients of this burger).

  1. Mediterranean burger with chickpeas

It can be called as a vegetarian version of Greek food. Filled with minerals and vitamins this healthy burger recipe will fill you up quickly.

  1. Sweet potato black bean burger

Sweet potato is delicious and healthy in every way possible. It is sweet and savoury too. For refreshing flavour, add some cucumbers to it.

  1. Turkey burger with goat cheese and citrus maple Dijon

This healthy burger recipe fulfils your dairy need. We all love cheese and goat cheese is the healthiest cheese than you can lay your hands on.

  1. California burger

Enjoy a wonderful meal without breaking your healthy eating habits. Make this burger at home by adding guacamole in it for that extra crispy flavour.

  1. Feta chicken and spinach burger

Full of healthy ingredients, this burger not only meet your burger cravings but is as healthy as anything else could be. Enjoy this burger with your favourite dip sauce to delight your taste buds.