Plogging is a Great way to Make Running Fun

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What if you had a way of keeping fit while doing some good for the environment? This is what plogging is about. ‘Plogging’ is a portmanteau for Swedish ‘Plocka up’ which is pick up, and jogging.  This combines running and picking up litter. It adds variety to jogging as the plogger bends and performs squats to pick up the litter. 


How did it start?

Plogging was started in Stockholm by a group of runners led by Erik Ahlström. The group called itself Plogga. The ploggers would wear a pair of gloves, grab a bin bag and run while collecting litter on the streets and their jogging paths. Full litter bags are then disposed into litter bins for the authorities to collect. 

The plogging craze has spread to other European countries, notably Norway, France and the UK. The first plogging event was held in the US in March 2018 in Denver. But ploggers are to be found around the world thanks to social media. As the plogga group says on its Facebook page, this is the solution to cleaning up your environs by breaking down the taboo of picking up trash. There is an app called ‘Lifesum’ that tracks calories lost when plogging.


Why plogging?

Health conscious citizens are also conscious about the environment they live in. what happens in the environment has a direct and indirect impact on your wellbeing. That rusted nail left lying on the ground could prick you tomorrow and keep you out of action for several weeks. The plastic litter that is left uncollected clogs drains and makes flooding possible which inconveniences everyone.

Plogging is a great way to combine the two needs of staying healthy by exercising and making the environment better for running as well as living. The Lifesum app reports that the typical plogger will burn 288 calories in 30 minutes of plogging. 

Plogging adds to the health benefits of jogging:

  • Improved flexibility – bending down and squatting improves the range of motion for the lower back as well as hip and leg joints 
  • Improved coordination – Plogging involves a wider range of motion which requires hand-to-eye coordination as well as better flexibility in both upper and lower limbs. 
  • Feel good feelings – There is the rewarding feeling of being *-useful to the planet and making it a better place.

Plogging will continue being popular because ploggers are passionate about their health as well as the environment. Plogging is also a good socialization activity with plogging groups coming up in different cities around the world. Already Lifesum has over 25 million users.