Raw Water is Trending and Here’s why, but is it Healthy?

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If anyone was given the choice of drinking sparkling water from a tap or drinking from a river, their answer would be clear. Surprisingly, there are a growing number of Americans who are turning to raw water instead of drinking water from their taps. They are even ready to pay up to approximately 37 dollars for a two and a half gallon of raw water.


Off the grid

Though it is possible for people to drink water from their supply of groundwater, specialty companies that sell raw water are enjoying the fact that their products are now being bought in huge numbers. Silicon Valley is the best example of people turning to drinking raw water. One wonders why everyone should want to drink raw water when it is in fact nothing but plain water. Perhaps the reason for this trend is because more and more Americans are infatuated by life off the grid.


Not safe for your health

The trouble with drinking water from Nature is it could contain many bacteria that could cause diarrhea. Even a very pristine spring in the outdoors could contain water that is loaded with contaminants. What’s more, unless you know where your water is coming from, you would not be in a position to know what is in the water and how it was handled. This is the reason why water needs to be filtered. The World Health Organization (WHO) says that contamination in drinking water is a serious issue as one could contract various diseases like diarrhea and cholera as well as dysentery, and more.


US tap water is safe to drink

Thankfully, water in the US is very safe and the reason for that is the different stages of purification the water goes through before it reaches your home. It bears keeping in mind that raw water could be contaminated with bacteria and viruses as well as parasites and sundry other contaminants.


Dangers from Arsenic and Radon

Raw water may also contain chemicals such as arsenic and radon, which are found in the soil and rocks and which in a large dose could prove to be poisonous to humans. These chemicals can easily find their way into groundwater. It is possible that raw water may contain parasites such as the ones called Giardia and Cryptosporidium, which spread from the waste matter of animals. If a human ingests these parasites, they could come down with a nasty case of diarrhea.


A fad that you should not follow

The bottom line is drinking raw water may be a fad but it is not recommended. The real solution lies in not following a fad that can cause health problems and instead one should stick to water that has been filtered and which is safe to drink. Just because raw water is natural does not mean that it does not contain various bacteria, which are invisible to the human eye. 

We need to drink water to hydrate ourselves and this is the main benefit provided to the body by water. It improves our mental functioning as well as our body functions. It is still unclear whether water provides the body with microbes that help improve digestion. We need to be careful about the water we drink and at the very least, it pays to drink filtered water that is safer than raw water, which has not been processed and which could contain numerous contaminants that could cause major health issues.